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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Engineering Physics

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Glen P. Perram, PhD


Optical techniques for measuring the temperature in three-dimensional supersonic reactive flows have typically depended on lineshape measurements using single-beam laser absorption spectroscopy. However, absorption over extended path lengths in flows with symmetric, turbulent eddies can lead to systematically high extracted temperatures due to Doppler shifts resulting from flow along the absorption path. To eliminate these problems, Cross-Beam Saturation Absorption Spectroscopy (CBSAS) and Cross-Beam Inter-Modulated Fluorescence (CBIMF) have been developed which utilize two crossed and nearly copropogating laser record the spectral signal of an I2 ro-vibrational line in a small three-dimensional volume using a tunable CW dye laser. Temperature is extracted by fitting the recorded signal with a theoretical signal constructed from the Doppler-broadened hyperfine components of the ro-vibrational line. The CBIMF technique proved successful for extracting the temperature of an I2-seeded, Ar gas flow within a small, Mach 2, Laval nozzle where the overlap volume of the two 1 mm diameter laser beams was 2.4 mm3. At a test point downstream of the nozzle throat, the average temperature of 146 K ± 1.5 K extracted from measurements of the I2 P(46) 17-1 spectral line compared favorably with the 138 K temperature calculated from isentropic, one-dimensional flow theory.

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