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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael Rehg, PhD


The issue of what antecedents of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and psychological contracts (PC) employees form with their organization has also been of interest as they have many implications on an employee's extra-role behavior, specifically OCBs. This research investigates the relationship between types of PCs (a) relational and (b) transactional and the propensity to perform (a) altruism and (b) compliance OCB. Furthermore, the influence of organizational culture (OC) dimensions (a) internal orientation and (b) external orientation on this relationship was explored. The results show that transactional PCs were negatively related to both dimensions of OCB. Relational PCs were positively related to both dimensions of OCB. For both OCB dimensions, OC moderated this relationship only when a transactional PC was prevalent. When a relational PC was prevalent, neither internally or externally oriented OCs moderated the relationship between relational PCs and either dimension of OCB, but an unexplored dimension of OC (flexibility) emerged as a moderator between relational PCs and the compliance dimension of OCB. This research aided in providing insight into employee's organizational behavior within a military context, specifically exploring their type of PC formed, their perception of the culture of their organization, and their propensity to perform OCB.

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