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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Summer E. Bartczak, PhD


The Air Force has recognized that organizations across Air Force installations often require geospatial information resources or maps to accomplish mission essential tasks. To provide an AF-wide approach to addressing this need, in 2001, the Headquarters Air Force Geo Integration Office formed the USAF GeoBase program. GeoBase is the name given to the Air Force's GIS program. As GeoBase has been implemented across the Air Force, there have been no mandated product standards for GIS applications. This thesis focuses on two different GIS applications being used across the CE community for the management of airfield obstructions. These two applications are the Airfield Obstruction Management System (AOMS) and the Airfield Obstruction Tracking, Analysis, and Management System (AIROBS). In addition to the development of a unique methodological approach for accomplishing analyses, this research presents how each application rates in usability of accomplishing tasks and the level of satisfaction as determined by the end-user. Overall, the results revealed that AOMS was identified as having fewer problems in usability and rated slightly higher in End-User Computing Satisfaction. The methodology is offered as a way to compare other GIS applications where there is an intent to determine the best application for a specific mission purpose.

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