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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Scott T. Drylie, PhD


The relationship between expenditures and readiness level is a topic of interest to military senior leaders, defense resource planners, and the American taxpayer alike. Senior leaders within the Air Force (AF) justify increased defense budgets by pointing to the potential adverse effects that decreased funding could have on military readiness. Resource planners within the AF are then tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that budgets are allocated most effectively to maximize the AF's ability to project airpower across a variety of contingency operations. This thesis investigates the relationship between budgets and readiness by examining the relationship between depot level funding and hours of aircraft downtime spent at the depot. Funding is analyzed in terms of the magnitude that the amount of funding receives deviates from the amount of funding requested by the planner. The analysis ultimately did not find any conclusive relationship between deviations from requested depot budget levels and the number of hours of downtime spent at the depot.

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