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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael J. Havrilla, PhD


Electromagnetic material characterization is the process of determining the constitutive parameters (complex permittivity and permeability) of given a sample. Due to the large number of unknowns involved, multiple unique measurements are required for material property extraction. Many measurement methods, such as waveguides and striplines, possess a rigid internal structure that the sample being measured must adhere to. This rigidity limits these methods to samples that fit within the device and inhibits oblique sample orientations, limiting the number of independent measurements that can be obtained. A focus beam system, due to being an open system with greater freedom in sample size and orientation, can collect a larger number of measurements that could not be obtained otherwise. With this greater number of unique data sets, the focus beam system can solve for the material properties of more complex materials that could not be achieved using other methods. In this thesis paper, a method for extracting the material parameters for a biaxial material using a focus beam system is derived and tested, including for the case when the orientation of the sample's axes are unknown. The results are then compared to those obtained utilizing other methods with the same material design, verifying that the methodologies work.

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