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Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Brett Borghetti, PhD.


As Air Force operations continue to move toward the use of more autonomous systems and more human-machine teaming in general, there is a corresponding need to swiftly evaluate systems with these capabilities. We support this development through software design improvements of the execution of human cognitive performance experiments. This thesis sought to answer the following two research questions addressing the core functionality that these experiments rely on for execution and analysis: 1) What data infrastructure software requirements are necessary to execute the experimental design of human cognitive performance experiments? 2) How effectively does a central data mediator design pattern meet the time-alignment requirements of human cognitive performance studies? To answer these questions, this research contributes an exploration of establishing design patterns to reduce the cost of conducting human cognitive performance studies. The activities included in this exploration were a method for requirements gathering, a meta-study of recent experiments, and a design pattern evaluation all focused on the experimental design domain.

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