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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael A. Temple, PhD


This research effort investigated characterizing the point spread function (PSF) behavior of radially displaced point scatterers using circular synthetic aperture radar (CSAR). Thus far, research has been conducted to understand PSF of a scatterer located at the imaging scene center. An analytic closed-form solution has been derived assuming the scatterer is located at the origin of the CSAR imaging geometry. However, it is difficult to derive an analytic PSF solution for a scatterer that is radially displaced from the imaging scene center. Using the back projection image formation algorithm, PSF responses are generated at various point target locations. Consistent with previous studies, the three dimensional PSF for a point target located at the image center is cone shaped and serves as the basis for comparing and characterizing the PSFs of radially displaced scatterers. Simulated results show the impulse response of a radially displaced point scatterer is asymmetric and tends to exhibit increased ellipticity as it moves further from the scene center.

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