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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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John F. Raquet, PhD


This research proposes two schemes utilizing very-low frequency (VLF) electromagnetic waves to navigate underground. The first scheme consists of using above-ground beacon transmitters to broadcast VLF signals to an underground mobile receiver which uses methods such as triangulation and trilateration to obtain a position solution. The second scheme consists of using above-ground reference receivers along with an underground mobile receiver to form time-difference- of-arrival measurements of incoming VLF signals of opportunity, such as lightning strike emissions, to calculate a position solution. The objective of this thesis is to develop positioning algorithms and use simulations as a tool to characterize the effects that varying parameters such as measurement errors, measurement type, number of measurements, transmitter/ reference receiver location, mobile receiver position, and material constant errors have on the accuracy of a position solution. The results show trends that would still be expected using more complex methods and models.

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