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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Robert F. Mills, PhD


The Air Force has officially assumed the cyberspace mission. To perform this mission well, it is important to employ personnel who have the necessary skill sets and motivation to work in a cyberspace environment. The first step in employing the right people is to screen all possible candidates and select those with an aptitude for acquiring the skill sets and with the motivation to perform this work. This thesis attempts to determine the necessary skills and motivations to perform the cyberspace mission and recommends a screening process to select the candidates with the highest probability for success. Since this mission is new, no one really knows what skills and motivations are necessary for it. To assist in determining the skills and motivations for cyber warriors, the author considers the skills and motivations of computer hackers. If the skills and motivations of successful hackers can be identified, those skills and motivations can be used as a tool for developing an aptitude test to be used as a screening device. A blueprint for an aptitude test is provided based on the findings of the hacker skills and motivations.

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