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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jeffrey P. Kharoufeh, PhD


This thesis considers the performance evaluation of an M/M/2 retrial queue for which both servers are subject to active and idle breakdowns. Customers may abandon service requests if they are blocked from service upon arrival, or if their service is interrupted by a server failure. Customers choosing to remain in the system enter a retrial orbit for a random amount of time before attempting to re-access an available server. We assume that each server has its own dedicated repair person, and repairs begin immediately following a failure. Interfailure times, repair times and times between retrials are exponentially distributed, and all processes are assumed to be mutually independent. Modeling the number of customers in the orbit and status of the servers as a continuous-time Markov chain, we employ a phase-merging algorithm to approximately analyze the limiting behavior. Subsequently, we derive approximate expressions for several congestion and delay measures. Using a benchmark simulation model, we assess the accuracy of the approximations and show that, when the algorithm assumptions are met, the approximation procedure yields favorable results. However, as the rate of abandonment for blocked arrivals decreases, the performance declines while the results are insensitive to the rate of abandonment of customers preempted by a server failure.

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