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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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William A. Cunningham III, PhD


The United States Army began a major force transformation in 2003, which required a significant shift in logistics support constructs. This thesis provides an in-process review of the effects of the current transformation efforts on supply effectiveness and attempts to determine factors that influence customer ordering behavior. Specifically, the thesis sought to answer three subproblems addressing the effect of transformation on supply effectiveness, the correlation of supply effectiveness metrics to customer ordering behavior, and other potential sources of variance in ordering behavior. The subproblems were answered through an examination of the supply document histories of two Brigades, one legacy Brigade (Unit 1) and one transformed Brigade (Unit 2), who were in garrison and in Iraq during the same 6-month periods. The periods used for Unit 1 are 1 June-30 November 2005 (Garrison) and 1 June-30 November 2006 (OIF). For Unit 2, the periods are 1 May-31 October 2005 (Garrison) and 1 May-31 October 2006 (OIF). The off-set was due to deployment sequencing and to ensure that the periods used did not include dead time due to deployment/redeployment. The results indicate that force transformation is increasing overall supply effectiveness, but that there is no correlation between the variables of supply effectiveness and customer ordering behavior.

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