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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Shane A. Knighton, PhD


Concrete spalls on airfield pavements generate foreign object debris (FOD) that is damaging to aircraft engines, and may damage landing gear by roughening of the pavement surface. Repairing spalled concrete on aging and deteriorating airfields is essential for its safe operational use. Picking the best repair material from many products on the commercial market is difficult. There is wide variation on material properties, and good performance on certain criteria is critical to constructing long lasting repairs. Since there is currently no procedure for Air Force decision-makers to select the best rigid-pavement repair material, a model was created using Value-Focused Thinking (VFT) to evaluate repair material alternatives. Fourteen products were compared against each other. Each was scored using fourteen evaluation measures that were identified as important to the repair material selection process. Pavemend EX-H was found to be the best choice for repairs conducted during conventional, steady-state operations. VFT was shown to be an effective methodology for objectively ranking repair products, while providing a systematic process that can be tailored for future circumstances.

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