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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jeffrey D. Weir, PhD


The Air Force has a large inventory of low-sloping built up roofs (BURs) and millions of dollars are spent each year retrofitting these systems. The DOD has been directed to reduce non-renewable energy consumption by using energy-efficient technologies. These two details present a great opportunity to use the open roof space to install energy-efficient roofing technologies. The purpose of this research is to provide Air Force decision makers with a tool to assist them in deciding what roofing technologies should be installed on facilities. Value Focused-Thinking is the methodology used to construct the model, in which values were used, instead of alternatives, to create the model. Data was collected from three different Air Force bases and values from three different Air Force Base Civil Engineers were used to evaluate the alternatives. The results show that based on current technologies these decision makers would be best served to retrofit BURs with standing seam metal roofs with some energy-efficient technologies added.

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