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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Stephen Ekwaro-Osire, PhD


The ability to shift knowledge and resources from federal laboratories to industrial and academic partners and vice versa is the primary reason that technology transfer (T2) exists today. Without the cooperation of federal, state, and private agencies working together to resolve today’s technology quandaries, a lot of the breakthroughs experienced today would not exist. This research was focused on uncovering which mechanisms are utilized by scientists and engineers. The research entails uncovering both official and unofficial mechanisms and ascertaining why some methods are preferred over others. It is also a secondary focus, to determine which barriers are impeding T2 from occurring in a more fluid fashion and what lab employees are doing to overcome these obstacles. An interview methodology was utilized and interviews were conducted on all levels of personnel throughout the Air Force Research Laboratory population to identify those preferred mechanisms and the reasons associated with their use. It was discovered that official and unofficial mechanism usage is about equal, but there were organizations that did not utilize them as prevalently; this was because of a lack of total infrastructure. Infrastructure must be improved for official mechanisms while leveraging the use of those unofficial mechanisms; laboratory leadership must concentrate their efforts on eliminating barriers to allow T2 to be done more efficiently.

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