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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Sonia E. Leach, PhD


South Korea has been threatened by North Korea and surrounded by powerful countries since the Korean War in 1950~1953. One resource that maintains South Korea’s security is the strong alliance with the U.S. The primary function of the alliance has been Foreign Military Sales (FMS). As the world circumstances change, South Korea may need more self-reliant defense power that can maintain its security with its own authority. This thesis looks at where South Korea stands on FMS from the U.S, considering its economy, technology development, military expenditure, and dispute condition using Multiple Regression model. South Korea’s current FMS trade amount is compared to the amount predicted by the regression model using data from 2001~2005. The result shows that South Korea imports weapon system through FMS from the U.S much more than is predicted multiple regression model. This means that South Korea is very dependent on the FMS for importing its weapon system.

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