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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael T. Rehg, PhD


This study aims to contribute to the body of knowledge as it pertains to our understanding of the relationship between work environment characteristics that influence training transfer. Specifically, this research will examine if training transfer is influenced by: top management support, supervisor support, peer support, organization learning culture, opportunity to perform, task difficulty, task constraints and acquisition category levels. The research is based on a 134 question survey completed by Air Force Acquisition Managers participating in the Air Force Fundamentals of Acquisition Management (AFFAM) course, and is designed to determine if knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in the instruction setting are being applied to the job. Data collected from the AFFAM students, 5 – 18 months after AFFAM course completion, is analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences to conclude that all work environment characteristics studied are positively related to training transfer. Supervisor support is shown to have the most significant influence on training transfer.

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