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Master of Science in Systems Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Som R. Soni, PhD


The United States Air Force is continually researching ways to reduce costs associated with aircraft maintenance and improve operational safety. This study focuses on creating a systems engineering process to develop an Integrated Structural Health Monitoring System (ISHMS). The overarching process was then applied to design a conceptual ISHMS for a real-world scenario involving the F-15. Sensor selection, integration and testing were explored in detail using frequency response methods to detect structural damage. Testing was accomplished using a simplified structural specimen with Monitoring & Evaluation Technology Integration System (METIS) disk nodes attached at various locations. Two different METIS disk operation modes were utilized; pulse-echo and pitch-catch. Simulated and actual damage were introduced to the specimen allowing comparison between baseline and damaged tests. Comparative analysis validated the capabilities of frequency response sensors to detect damage. This analysis demonstrates that structural health monitoring systems using frequency response methods may be promising in the aerospace sector.

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Co-authored thesis.