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Master of Science


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Alfred Thal, Jr., PhD


The purpose of this research was to identify factors which promote interest in solar photovoltaic generation systems for facility use within the United States Air Force. The construct model was developed based on past literature on Diffusion of Innovation Theory. The model comprised of measures defined as motivation, knowledge, experience, and familiarity as well as contextual variables. These measures were then used to determine whether any significant association existed between the measures and the overall dependent variable, interest. A phone interview was conducted on Air Force energy managers located within the continental U.S. The methods of correlation and regression analysis were used to evaluate the objectives and hypotheses identified. Results indicate that there is a positive, significant relationship between the motivation to seek new energy technologies for reducing load demands and interest in solar photovoltaic generation systems. The significant factors promoting interest were identified as knowledge, the amount of solar irradiance a base receives, the peak electrical demand loads of a base, and the population size of a base.

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