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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Peter S. Maybeck, PhD


Kalman filtering and multiple model adaptive estimation (MMAE) methods have been applied by researchers in several engineering disciplines to a multitude of problems featuring a linear (or mildly nonlinear) model based on finite-dimensional differential (or difference) equations perturbed by random inputs. However, many real-world systems are more naturally modeled using an infinite-dimensional continuous-time linear systems model, such as those most naturally modeled as partial differential equations or time-delayed differential equations along with a possibly infinite-dimensional measurement model. The Kalman filtering technique was extended to encompass infinite-dimensional continuous-time systems with sampled-data measurements and a technique to approximate an infinite-dimensional continuous-time system model with an essentially equivalent finite-dimensional discrete-time model upon which a filtering algorithm could be based was developed. The tools developed during this research were demonstrated using an estimation problem based on a stochastic partial differential equation with an unknown noise environment.

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