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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Richard K. Martin, PhD


A multi-frame active phase diversity imaging (APDI) algorithm is derived for coherent light statistics and demonstrated. In addition to conventional focal-plane and diversity-plane data, a statistical description for pupil-plane (PP) intensity is formed and included in the derivation. The algorithm is implemented and characterized via Monte Carlo simulation. Analysis shows that it's robust, insensitive to detection noise for SNR ? 7, performs well for SNR's as low as 2, and that the effect of system configuration on optimal parameters is minimal. Furthermore, introduction of PP data results in a 60% better reconstruction from dynamically aberrated data than obtained using only focal-plane and diversity-plane data. Both an EM-algorithm and a lensless-APDI approach are presented for generating imagery directly from PP polarization measurements. However, both approaches are currently impractical. Suggestions for improvement are offered. Finally, the APDI algorithm is modified to use PP polarization data in place of PP intensities. An initial statistical model is offered, and suggestions for performance improvement are presented.

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