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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Jason M. Turner, PhD


Task/Technology Fit (TTF) posits that as the intersection of the task domain and the capabilities of an information system (IS) increases in magnitude, the performance gains experienced by user through use of the IS will be positively impacted. While rooted in the traditional IS literature, this research proposes that TTF be extended to incorporate additional factors unique to the context of Knowledge Management (KM). Based upon the findings of this research, it is reasonable to conclude that when employing the TTF model to determine KMS fitness, additional factors other than the task requirements and KMS capabilities should be considered. This research also shows that the social ecology present within the organization has significant impacts on KMS fit. Finally, this research lends credibility to the idea that KMS are indeed a unique subset of IS and that traditional IS models (such as TTF) should reflect the unique social nature of KM.

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