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Master of Science in Logistics


Department of Operational Sciences

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Benjamin Hazen, PhD.


This research paper analyzes information flow through theater Air Mobility Command and Control (C2) organizations. The purpose is to uncover guidelines going forward to adapt organizational structure and processes to increase the speed and reach of information. These guidelines could assist with improving organizational agility and decision making while adapting to future trends in the broader C2 enterprise. To collect data, the researcher conducted interviews with seventeen C2 experts with experience at various levels of C2, from worldwide to theater Air Mobility C2 organizations, from Air Mobility C2 leadership, to experts in non-mobility C2 divisions. Interview subjects shared their perceptions and insights over a 30-45 minute interview. As a result of the research and the inputs of the interview subjects, this paper consolidates views and puts forth multiple recommendations for the future organizational structure of theater Air Mobility C2 organizations.

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