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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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James W. Chrissis, PhD


Fuel-air mixing analysis of scramjet aircraft is often performed through ex- perimental research or Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) algorithms. Design optimization with these approaches is often impossible under a limited budget due to their high cost per run. This investigation uses jetpen, a known inexpensive analysis tool, to build upon a previous case study of scramjet design optimization. Mixed Variable Pattern Search (mvps) is compared to evolutionary algorithms in the optimization of two scramjet designs. The ¯rst revisits the previously stud- ied approach and compares the quality of mvps to prior results. The second applies mvps to a new scramjet design in support of the Hypersonic International Flight Re- search Experimentation (hifire). The results demonstrate the superiority of mvps over evolutionary algorithms and paves the way for design optimization with more expensive approaches.

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