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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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William A. Cunningham, PhD


The purpose of this research was to determine Air Force Material Command’s (AFMCs) external customer issues and satisfaction levels as measured and compared by Air Logistics Center. Specifically, this project sought to answer how AFMC’s Air Logistics Centers were performing based on survey criteria chosen by AFMC’s A4 Logistics division. This research was guided by a previous Graduate Research Project (GRP) effort, which sought to determine how customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives varied in the private and public sectors, and to determine an appropriate means of capturing and measuring this type of data for AFMC. The research question was answered through a comprehensive literature review, and the use of survey methodology. Over thirty-six hundred external customers were given the opportunity to participate in the web based survey. The results were analyzed in an effort to determine what was important to AFMC’s customers and identify future areas for improvement. Comparisons were made between the Air Logistics centers as well as the previous research conducted by Sullivan (2006) and this current research effort. The research identified that, to date, the Customer Support Centers at the Air Logistics Centers are providing consistent, valuable service to customers. Additionally, this research identified potential areas for customer satisfaction improvements and the need for AFMC to continue in its customer satisfaction improvement efforts.

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