Lance A. Vann

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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Bradely E. Anderson, PhD


In FY06, The Department of Defense (DoD) military grade jet fuel expenditures eclipsed $6.6 billion dollars. In a search for more cost effective options, the Office of the Secretary of Defense Comptroller recently expressed interest in the quantity of commercial Jet A fuel that the United States Transportation Command uses in lieu of military grade JP-8. In accordance with AFSO 21 and LEAN concepts, this research examines the technical feasibility and opportunity for cost avoidance of a conversion from JP-8 to Jet A at six Northwestern United States military installations. The technical feasibility analysis examines the chemical likeness of JP-8 and Jet A and identifies any aircraft or equipment that may impede a complete conversion. Accordingly, the opportunity for cost avoidance is considered through an analysis of military and commercial grade jet fuel influenced by West Coast refinery prices. The results show no technical barriers to a complete conversion, but there is no opportunity for cost avoidance.

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