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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Alan W. Johnson, PhD


To sustain operational effectiveness, the Air Force has invested in the research and development of space-based technologies. Certain ongoing spacelift research efforts are focused on developing operationally responsive Reusable Military Launch Vehicles (RMLV) capable of launching payloads into orbit within hours of a tasking notification. Previous Air Force Research Laboratory-sponsored AFIT studies have resulted in the development of the MILEPOST discrete-event simulation model. This model has enabled the ability to analyze the impacts to responsiveness and manpower requirements given different RMLV design alternatives. The focus of this thesis is to improve the fidelity of the MILEPOST model by developing parametric models of simulation process times in terms of certain influential factors which affect maintenance task times. Based on MILEPOST process modules, the research developed a Work Unit Code (WUC) structure, providing the means to document key maintenance tasks which are required during the regeneration of the vehicle. Additionally, the research determined that significant parametric relationships exist between task times and certain influential vehicle design and human factors. Incorporated into the MILEPOST model, the identified prediction expressions provide a more precise evaluation of RMLV design alternatives.

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