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Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

John F. Raquet, PhD


This thesis provides the proof of concept for the development and implementation of a Global Positioning System (GPS) display via Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Heads-Up Display (HUD) for paratroopers. The system has been designed for soldiers who will be able to utilize the technology in the form of a processing system worn in an ammo pouch and displayed via NVG HUD as a tunnel in the sky. The tunnel in the sky display design is essentially a series of boxes displayed within the goggle's HUD leading the paratrooper to the desired Landing Zone (LZ). The algorithm developed receives GPS and inertial sensor data (both position and attitude), and displays the guidance information in the paratrooper's NVG HUD as the tunnel in the sky. The primary goal of the project is to provide a product which allows military personnel to reach a desired LZ in obscured visibility conditions such as darkness, clouds, smoke, and other unforeseen situations. This allows missions to be carried out around the clock, even in adverse visibility conditions which would normally halt operations.

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