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Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Stuart H. Kurkowski, PhD


Visualization of network simulation events or network visualization is an effective and low cost method to evaluate the health and status of a network and analyze network designs, protocols, and network algorithms. This research designed and developed a network event visualization framework using an open source general visualization toolkit. This research achieved three major milestones during the development of this framework: A robust network simulator trace file parser, multiple network visualization layouts {including user-defined layouts, and precise visualization timing controls and integrated display of network statistics. The parser architecture is extensible to allow customization of simulator trace formats that are accepted by the visualization framework. This design makes the framework capable of accepting trace files from different network simulators and provides one common visualization testbed to study network scenarios run on different simulators. Multiple network visualization layouts are made possible using the prefuse visualization toolkit Layout class which provides many different visualization layouts and is easily extensible to create new Layout subclasses. Finally, precise timing controls give users better control for quicker navigation to specific network events at any time. The toolkit design is readily extensible allowing developers to easily expand the framework to meet research-specific visualization goals.

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