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Master of Science in Computer Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Paul D. Williams, PhD


Computer security continues to increase in importance both in the commercial world and within the Air Force. Dedicated hardware for security purposes presents and enhances a number of security capabilities. Hardware enhances both the security of the security system and the quality and trustworthiness of the information being gathered by the security monitors. Hardware reduces avenues of attack on the security system and ensures the trustworthiness of information only through proper design and placement. Without careful system design, security hardware leaves itself vulnerable to many attacks that it is capable of defending against. Our SHI(EL)DS architecture combines these insights into a comprehensive, modular hardware security backplane architecture. This architecture provides many of the capabilities required by the Cybercraft deployment platform. Most importantly, it makes significant progress towards establishing a root of trust for this platform. Progressing the development of the Cybercraft initiative advances the capabilities of the Air Force’s ability to operate in and defend cyberspace .

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