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Master of Science in Systems Engineering


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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David Jacques, PhD.


The increasing complexity in the development of today's modern warfighting systems demands a systematic evaluation approach in the assessment of the envisaged capability and estimating the cost effectiveness, especially in the early stages of Concept Development. This research focused on the development of early Concept evaluation methodology through the use of Executable Architecture (EA) through the System Architecting process. Particularly, the methodology was applied in the assessment of a proposed Multi-tiered Unmanned Aircraft System System-of-System that is designed provide target acquisition and conduct dynamic strike on Theater Ballistic Missile launchers. Through the implementation of the evaluation methodology using dynamic modeling of the system-under-design, the research was able to provide quantitative assessment of different design parameters on the overall system effectiveness, as measured using a set of pre-determined Measures-of-Effectiveness. Specifically, Innoslate was used to develop the EA model of a fictitious multi-tier Unmanned Aircraft System System-of-Systems, and provided quantitative assessment of the overall system performance due to changes in the design parameters. Specification, the research showed that the proposed evaluation methodology provides system architects with the tool to 1) evaluate different design parameters, 2) understand the overall system capability given sub-system capabilities, and 3) determine sub-system requirement given desired system performance.

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