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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Alan W. Johnson, PhD


To emphasize the importance of sustainment, the DoD Joint Requirements Oversight Council addressed sustained Materiel readiness and established a mandatory Key Performance Parameter (KPP) for Materiel Availability; it also established supporting Key System Attributes (KSAs) for Materiel Reliability and Ownership Cost (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM) 3170.01C, 2007). Current guidance requires two numbers: a threshold value and an objective value (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM) 3170.01C, 2007). No distinction is made between the approaches in establishing these values for major system acquisitions, versus smaller, modification-focused efforts for existing systems. The Joint Staff proposed guidance to assist in determining these values for major acquisition programs, but the guidance has yet to be tested on modification contracts. To assess its applicability, we performed a case study of a recent acquisition program under consideration by Air Mobility Command. We sought to apply the principles put forth in this draft guide prepared by the Office of the Secretary of Defense in Collaboration with the Joint Staff. This research seeks to assist the combat developer and program manager to develop an objective, standard, repeatable method for quantifying the mandatory Materiel Availability KPP and the associated Materiel Reliability KSA values established by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council.

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