Min Cheol Cho

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Bradley E. Anderson, PhD


Timely supply support is critical to sustaining military readiness and operations. In order to improve user satisfaction and to ensure supply support in a timely manner, the supply management paradigm is changing from supplier (supporting unit) focused management to customer (combat unit) focused management. This research focuses on improvements to the requisition process in Organizational Supply to reduce Customer Wait Time (CWT) in the Korean Army Supply Chain (KASC). The causes leading to requisition problems in seven key areas of Organizational Supply were examined, and seventeen solutions for the problems were suggested. Solutions that can be executed immediately without cost and expert’s aid are emphasized. Solutions related to information technology, such as developing a Web based system, were strongly recommended. To reduce requisition processing time in the KASC, the Requisition Management Program was developed and suggested. It can be applied to current requisition tasks, and it would be a useful tool to reduce time and effort to manage requisitions in Organizational Supply.

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