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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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LaVern A. Starman, PhD


Negative refractive index materials are an example of metamaterials that are becoming increasingly popular. Research into these metamaterials could possibly be the first steps toward bending electromagnetic radiation (i.e., microwaves, light, etc.) around an object or person. Split ring resonators (SRR) are classified as metamaterials that create an artificial magnetic response from materials with no inherent magnetic properties. Once fabricated, an SRR has a specific resonant frequency due to its permanent geometry. This research introduces a new concept of using a variable capacitive micro- electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device located at the gap of an SRR to mechanically alter the capacitance of the SRR structure and thus change its resonance. This design simplifies fabrication and uses less space than a varactor diode or MEMS switch since the MEMS device is the capacitive element and is fabricated in-situ with the SRR. This research is the first known to demonstrate the fabrication of a MEMS tuneable capacitive device on an SRR. This thesis reports on the model, design, fabrication, and testing of the capacitive MEMS device as a stand-alone test structure and as located on an SRR. When pulled-in, the cantilever beams each add between 0:54 - 0:62 pF.

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