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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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LaVern A. Starman, PhD


This experiment explores the use of MEMS mirrors to direct subsurface optical signals to another device and reception of those signals for use in chip to chip communications. Devices were built in PolyMUMPs to control horizontal and vertical beam direction and tilting in the outgoing signal and MEMS beam splitters for the incoming signal. Several elements of the outgoing beam path were successful and those which needed improvement indicate a high probability of success with limited trials needed and currently successful design elements could still be improved within the scope of PolyMUMPs. The incoming beam path elements were not successful as designed and would require the flip chip bonding unit now available at AFIT, or could be realized with a high probability of success and minimal design work with a more sophisticated fabrication process (such as SUMMiT).

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