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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Kevin C. Gross, PhD


The high explosive fireball phenomenological model for the mid wave infrared spectrum, developed by AFIT, performs classification from spectral signatures was modified to use radiometric intensities. Five bands were sequentially fit to derive the five physical fit parameters describing the fireball's temperature, size, soot absorption coefficient within 16% and emissions from the H2O and CO2 concentrations within 333% of the spectral model. This was improved by changing the model's band sizes, center, and fitting methods where all five fit parameters were matched to within 17% of spectral model. This demonstrated that a combination of radiometric intensities could be used in place of the spectral data. Interpreting the intensities into fit parameters provided and increased in classification capability with a Fisher Ratio (FR) =23 as opposed to a FR=4 when using the five raw intensities. A systematic search was performed to investigate classification potential using two, three and four radiometric bands combinations. The two-band search yielded a maximum FR of 6, a poor classification capability where the three and four-band search highlighted a highly confined spectral region centered at 5000cm-1 with a FR=41.

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