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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Shankar Mall, PhD


Existing nanocomposite materials used for satellite applications don't offer the required conductivity and electromagnetic shielding protection, requiring metal shields in order to survive in space. The AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate in conjunction with the private sector have developed a material that promises to blend the attributes of nanocomposites and metal materials. The M55J/RS3 material consists of carbon fibers combined with a polyisocyanate matrix, in which Nickel nanostrandsTM are added. The research effort investigated the changes in the EMI and ESD of the material after being subjected to cyclic loads. Four configurations of a symmetric layup with fibers oriented at 0/90/45/-45 degrees were evaluated. Three of the four configurations (midplane, exterior, and interlaminar) had nickel nanostrandsTM added in different locations of the material. The exterior configuration had the best performance for resistance and EMI measurements for all stress levels. Evaluations of tested specimens showed that nickel nanostrandsTM were undamaged during the test.

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