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Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Jonathan Black, PhD


Hyperspectroscopy for fast transient events such as battlefield explosions is an undeveloped area of spectral imaging. This thesis is a discussion of issues involved with taking a laboratory design for a rotating prism hyperspectral chromotomographic (CT) instrument and producing a first approximation satellite payload design, operating scheme and trade space analysis to support demonstration of this technology in low-earth orbit. This instrument promises the capability of adding a time dimension to the normal spatial and spectral data produced by most hyperspectral imagers. The ultimate goal is to conduct experiments demonstrating the ultimate viability of spectral definition of transient combustion events on the ground from space. The experiment will be designed to use the CT scanner to collect, store and transmit data from any suitable target on the earth surface in the orbit footprint.

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