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Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Robert B. Greendyke, PhD


The line-by-line accurate spectral radiation solver SPRADIAN was integrated with the multi-temperature hypersonic flow-solver NH7Air for the purpose of predicting the radiation incident on the surface of a hypersonic re-entry vehicle. Atomic and molecular radiation mechanisms are considered for chemical species present in an Earth atmosphere re-entry. A new numerical method of radiation propagation is presented that is capable of accurately predicting the radiation propagation through a non-uniform radiation field. This method also introduces a unique treatment of the internal energy of each chemical species, independently tracking the vibrational temperatures of all molecular species. The new radiation propagation method is validated against the industry standard tangent-slab method for a uniform radiating slab. Results are also presented for the 1636 second trajectory point of the NASA FIRE-II experiment. For the FIRE-II case, the results of the new method is compared to the results of the tangent-slab analysis, and with the values measured in the experiment.

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