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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael R. Grimaila, PhD


The purpose of this research is to develop a standardized Information Asset Valuation (IAV) methodology. The IAV methodology proposes that accurate valuation for an Information Asset (InfoA) is the convergence of information tangible, intangible, and flow attributes to form a functional entity that enhances mission capability. The IAV model attempts to quantify an InfoA to a single value through the summation of weighted criteria. Standardizing the InfoA value criteria will enable decision makers to comparatively analyze dissimilar InfoAs across the tactical, operational, and strategic domains. This research develops the IAV methodology through a review of existing military and non-military valuation methodologies. IAV provides the Air Force (AF) and Department of Defense (DoD) with a standardized methodology that may be utilized enterprise wide when conducting risk and damage assessment and risk management. The IAV methodology is one of the key functions necessary for the Cyber Incident Mission Impact Assessment (CIMIA) program to operationalize a scalable, semi-automated Decision Support System (DSS) tool. The CIMIA DSS intends to provide decision makers with near real-time cyber awareness prior to, during, and post cyber incident situations through documentation of relationships, interdependencies, and criticalities among information assets, the communications infrastructure, and the operations mission impact.

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