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Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Gilbert L. Peterson, PhD


Additive manufacturing is a dynamic technology with a compelling potential to advance the manufacturing industry. Despite its capacity to produce intricate designs in an efficient manner, industry still has not widely adopted additive manufacturing since its commercialization as a result of its many challenges related to quality control. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Functional Materials Division, Soft Matter Materials Branch (RXAS) requires a practical and reliable method for maintaining quality control for the production of printed flexible electronics. Height estimation is a crucial component for maintaining quality control in Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (MEAM), as the fundamental process for constructing any structure relies on the consecutive layering of precise extrusions. This work presents a computer vision solution to the problem of height estimation using monocular imagery as applicable to MEAM.

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