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Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Kenneth L. Schultz, PhD.


This research focuses on improving the F-15 reparable parts supply chain process in the Royal Saudi Air Force. The F-15 reparable parts supply chain process currently requires too much time to repair and return parts which affect the capability of aircraft operational missions. Because the F-15 is the first line of Saudi Arabia s defense, it is essential that they be fully mission ready in the shortest time possible. That can be done by improving relationships, communication, reducing batching before shipments and by efficient use of the available qualified workforces, tools and equipment. Consideration is given to applying an existing management technique to the Royal Saudi Air Force s F-15 supply chain. The selected techniques are supply chain mapping, Lean management approach and gap analysis. The research suggests that those techniques can improve the F-15 supply chain process in the Royal Saudi Air Force.

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