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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Engineering Physics

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John W. McClory, PhD.


The focus of this research is to develop the methods for 3-dimensional reconstructions and temperature distributions of early time nuclear fireballs. Initial developments have resulted in the first 2-dimensional temperature distribution of a nuclear fireball using digitized film. This same process was then extended to perform the first limb darkening calculations of nuclear fireballs. Limb darkening coefficients were then used to derive a temperature profile of the nuclear fireball as a function of optical path length. A 3-dimensional reconstruction was performed using a variation of a structure from illuminance technique in combination with limb darkening coefficients to produce structure using a single image. This dissertation also highlights the difficulties in using common computer vision feature descriptors such as Scaled Invariant Feature Transform and Speeded Up Robust Features on nuclear weapons testing data. The use of these techniques to produce accurate dense reconstructions is likely to require both single image and multiple view geometry in order to produce consistently accurate results.

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