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Master of Science in Applied Physics


Department of Engineering Physics

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David E. Weeks, PhD.


Collisional cross sections were calculated as a function of energy for two coupled one dimensional, spherically symmetric potentials. The Split Operator Method was used to propagate an initial Moller state, chosen to be a Gaussian in the asymptotic limit, through a potential. The correlation between the wave packet and Moller final state was calculated at each time step. Using the Channel Packet Method, the correlation function was used to obtain scattering matrix elements. From scattering matrix elements for several different effective potential values and using the Method of Partial Waves, the collisional cross section is calculated for the transition from the 2P3/2 to 2P1/2 level. This method was applied to LiHe at low energy, with results close to experimentally measured values for Alkali-Noble Gas interactions. Cross sections were also calculated for NaHe, KHe, RbAr, and LiHe-3. An explanation for the low RbAr cross sections from the time dependent calculations is provided.

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