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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Daniel T. Holt, PhD


Increased operational pace in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined with a reduction in the number of service members, has required military members to work longer and harder. Civil engineer company grade officers are among the most heavily deployed members of the Air Force. Because of this, Air Force leaders are concerned that they will encounter retention challenges with these members. To address this issue, a questionnaire designed to capture several key attitudes individuals have about the Air Force and the civil engineer career field was administered to 364 Air Force civil engineer company grade officers. Results of this study indicated that job satisfaction, organizational commitment, availability of alternatives, perceived organizational support, operations tempo, interrole conflict, and non-work satisfaction were significantly correlated with turnover intentions. Additionally, as suggested by some of the seminal and contemporary models of employee turnover, job satisfaction and organizational commitment were shown to mediate the relationship between these attitudinal variables and an individual’s intent to leave the Air Force. Theoretical and practical implications, as well as recommendations for future research, are discussed.

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