Anson R. Park

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

John O. Miller, PhD


This thesis explores the impact that High Velocity Maintenance (HVM) will have on aircraft availability rates for the B-1B by examining the proposed changes to the field maintenance and supply processes for the two B-1B squadrons of the 28th Bombardment Wing located at Ellsworth AFB, SD. There is a significant restructuring of depot level maintenance planned with the implementation of HVM, and the impact that this will have on base-level operations is important to determine, for it will provide insight as to whether or not HVM will be a feasible program with a high probability of successfully improving B-1B aircraft availability rates. To examine the impact of HVM at the base level, discrete-event simulation is used. Two simulation models are created in ARENA 12. The first model captures the current state of operations for the base maintenance and supply processes, while the second model captures the processes as they are planned with the implementation of HVM. Comparisons of the two models reveal that HVM does have the potential to significantly improve aircraft availability rates, but the improvements that must occur with aircraft failure rates and base stockage effectiveness for HVM to operate as planned may not be feasible.

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