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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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John O. Miller, PhD


Agent based models have been shown to be powerful tools in describing processes and systems centered on individual behaviors and local interactions (i.e. “bottom-up”) between specific entities. Current application areas tend to be focused within the business and social science arenas, although their usefulness has been demonstrated in the modeling of various chemistry and physics-based systems. Conversely, many highly process-oriented systems, such as manufacturing environments, tend to be modeled via “top-down” methods, including discrete or continuous event simulations among others. As a result, potentially critical attributes of the entities or resources modeled with these methods (spatial properties, “learning curve” or adaptability) may not be adequately captured or developed. This research develops an agent based model for application to a problem heretofore addressed solely via discrete event simulation or stochastic mathematical models. Specifically, a model is constructed to investigate the effects of differing levels of maintenance manning on sortie production capability, with an examination of those effects on the resulting Combat Mission Readiness (CMR) of a typical F-16 squadron.

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