Todd A. Book

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Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Jonathan T. Black, PhD


This research develops the design of several components and/or systems for an experimental space-based chromotomographic hyperspectral imager that is being built by the Air Force Institute of Technology. The design work includes three separate topics. The first topic was the development of a structure utilizing finite element analysis and eigenanalysis for the ground-based version of the chromotomographic experiment (CTEx). The ground-based experiment was performed as a risk mitigation measure for the space-based experiment. The second topic includes a design review of a contractor's proposed off-axis Mersenne telescope for the space-based chromotomographic hyperspectral imager. The work included the creation of preliminary verification requirements from the contract and sub- sequent analysis of the telescope design based on those requirements. The third topic addressed was a trade study of on-orbit focus, alignment, and calibration schemes for the space-based version of CTEx. The selected imaging focusing method entails imaging Earth-based sodium lights at night while stepping through several focus settings. The optimal focus setting shows the clearest sodium spectral features. The critical alignment concerns were identified as the alignment of the prism and of the collimated light onto the prism. The space-based CTEx utilizes three separate calibration methods involving vicarious Earth-based targets, and on-board laser diodes and spectral filters. The results of the research varied by topic. For the first topic, a structural assembly was successfully fabricated that allowed the goals of the ground-based CTEx to be met, validating the design approach. The design review for the second topic was successful with the contractor's telescope design currently undergoing fabrication with delivery in May 2010. For the third topic, applicable methods and procedures were developed for the space-based CTEx.

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