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Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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William E. Wiesel, PhD


This paper uses KAM torus theory and Simplified General Perturbations 4 (SGP4) orbit prediction techniques compiled by Dr. William Wiesel and compares it to Analytical Graphics ® Incorporated (AGI) Satellite Toolkit ® (STK) orbit data. The goal of this paper is to verify KAM torus theory can be used to describe and propagate an Earth satellite orbit with similar accuracy to existing general perturbation techniques. Using SGP4 code including only truncated geopotential effects, KAM torus generating code, and other utilities were used to describe a particular satellite orbit as a torus and then propagate the satellite using traditional and KAM torus techniques. These results were compared with similar data generated from initial conditions in STK. Comparisons show orbit prediction for this particular satellite can be made with low kilometer level accuracy. It is claimed with increased mathematical precision and orbital model detail, KAM torus theory applied to orbit prediction techniques can produce more accurate results than currently achievable.

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