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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael A. Saville, PhD


This research presents a method of aggregating, or reducing the resolution, of a commonly available Department of Defense (DoD) simulation. It addresses the differences between varying levels of resolution and scope used in the DoD’s hierarchy of models pyramid. A data representation that aggregates engagement-level simulation data to use at a lower resolution level, the mission-level, is presented and analyzed. Two formats of implementing this data representation are developed and compared: the rigid cylinder format and the expanding tables format. The rigid cylinder format provides an intuitive way to visualize the data and is used to develop the theory. The expanding tables format expands upon the capabilities of the rigid cylinder format and reduces the simulation time. Tests are run to show the effects of each format for various combinations of engagement-level simulation inputs. A final set of tests highlight the loss in accuracy incurred from reducing the number of samples used by the mission-level simulation. These tests culminate the work by deriving a notional scenario, applying the data cylinder representation, and exploring the realistic problem of comparing accuracy and computational constraints.

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