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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Yong C. Kim, PhD


Computing systems are used in virtually every aspect of our lives. Technology such as smart phones and electronically controlled subsystems in cars is becoming so commonly used that it is virtually ubiquitous. Sometimes, this technology can be exploited to perform functions that it was never intended to perform, or fail to provide information that it is supposed to protect. X-HIA was shown to be effective at identifying several circuit components in a significantly shorter time than previous identification methods. Instead of requiring a number of input/output pairings that grows factorially or exponentially as the circuit size grows, it requires only a number that grows polynomially with the size of the circuit. This allows for the identification of significantly larger circuits. Static protection techniques that are applied to the circuits do not increase the amount of time required to identify the circuit to the point that it is not feasible to perform that identification. DPR is implemented, and it is shown both that the overhead is not prohibitive and that it is effective at causing an identification algorithm to fail.

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